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We launch turnkey ad campaigns starting at $600 per month
Do you feel neglected as a client: response rate from your manager is around 3 days and even small changes take weeks to implement?
Do you think the digital marketing can perform better and would like to allocate all tools to one contractor?
Are you confused about the variety of digital marketing tools and not sure should it be Google, Facebook or LinkedIn after all?
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On this page, you will find out why we are the top choice when it comes to generating good leads. And why companies all over the world choose us even with no face-to-face meetings.
If you just don't feel like reading all this, but wouldn't mind talking, please, fill in the form. We will contact you, tell you all about us, show you our cases and answer all your questions.
We are here to help you earn more
We know that digital advertising is just a part of the sales funnel. There are other factors that have a great influence on the desire to buy and the conversion rate.
In some projects, it is difficult to get a good result from advertising, because the website does not solve the problem of the reader or does not meet their expectations. Even if we bring a thousand potential customers to such site, they will not buy anything.
Our task is to help businesses make profit. Therefore, in such projects, we first do the analysis: we ask questions, study the business, product and audience (it normally takes about 2 days). Only after that, we write texts, make banners and set up advertising campaigns.
We set up ad campaigns to bring customers to your business and increase your profit.
9 out of 10 clients order advertising again, because they get the expected result and experience a highly professional service. On average, clients work with us for a year and a half. And we are proud of it!
Take a look at what we have done for our customers
All data is confirmed by screenshots from analytical or advertising systems.
Engineering Company
E-commerce USA
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Sporting goods
Our results demonstrate the level of our proficiency
Attention to detail
We always listen to our customers and hear them. If there are obscure moments, we ask the clarifying questions to correctly approach the problem and avoid errors that occur when the task is not fully understood.
We react fast to new queries and sudden changes. If you want to make any quick changes to the campaign, add an ad for a new product or stop the campaign, just tell us. We will immediately do it.
We realize that every business owner wants to know what's going on in the project. To keep you aware of the processes, we always explain what we do and why we do it.
If something goes wrong, you will be the first one to find out, because we want you to trust us. And honesty is a backbone of trust. We are always honest about the results we can achieve. We never promise the impossible just to sound good.
We always keep an eye on advertising campaigns and watch the indicators of the analytical systems. This helps us quickly make necessary adjustments to campaigns to achieve better results.
Exceeding expectations
Having worked with different projects we are trained to see additional opportunities. If we notice the improvement areas in your project, we will give recommendations backed up with reasoning.
We are obsessed with what we do and we respect the business of our clients
• To offer you more sources of customer engagement, we are constantly learning.

• We have master's degree in marketing and we keep taking various courses, we are good at SMM and web analytics, can customize chat bots and work with call-tracking systems.

• We are available 7 days a week. We quickly respond to your messages and process requests.

• We launch turnkey advertising campaigns: we write compelling texts and make irresistible banners.

• We set up analytics tools to track the results of ad campaigns and make them even more effective.

• We watch the trends, so we know what works best right now and we quickly implement the most effective tools.
We are in love with what we do and we respect the businesses of our clients, their time, resources and the desire to grow.

We are sure that good results can be accomplished only when people who work together trust each other. To achieve this, we work so dedicatedly that our clients see us as partners and friends, not just contractors.

Why don't you try and see?

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Our team received the status of Google Partner

It was not easy. We coped. Google gives a status of Google Partner to teams that show a high level of knowledge and skill in AdWords, meet cost requirements, their clients' revenues are growing, and the number of advertisers is constantly increasing.

We care about each and every project

When clients trust us, we always strive to meet their expectations and prove they made a good choice.

We set up alarm clocks to wake up in the night and check how advertising for companies located in other time zones work.

We have personal managers from Google and Facebook

Therefore, there is no such issue that we cannot solve within these systems. If we need to do something complicated, we consult with them. It always helps the project to work more efficiently. Managers also keep us updated with innovations and new tools that can be used in your project.

We create as many texts and banners as necessary for effective advertising.
We are not aiming to sell you a fixed service.
We want you to make more money!

Our partners

European Business Association in Ukraine

Professional Photography Service in London

International Taxi Service

Online Women's Clothing Store in USA

International Auditing and Consulting Services

Manufacturer of Wood Shredders

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Window Manufacturer
Agricultural Machinery Engineering

Corporate Education Company
Mobile Id Cards Data Capture Software & OCR SDK
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions for Businesses
Canned Food Manufacturer
Game Industry Conference

Marketing agency

Secure payments
We work on a prepaid basis — 50%.
The client pays only for the service, it does not include advertising budget.
Advertising budget is always on the client's side
We do not have access to budget money. You tie the card to your advertising account and give us access as an advertiser. It is technically impossible for us to use your money on our own.
Client - Chief Administrator
You are always the main administrator of the advertising accounts. We get access as an advertiser. After termination of cooperation, all work, promotions, ads and statistics will stay with you.
We sign a non-disclosure agreement
If necessary, we sign an NDA so that you feel secure. This can be done within two hours, regardless of where you are.
How much is it?
* Advertising budget is not included in service fee and is calculated separately.

Google and YouTube Ads

  • Your business and website analysis
  • Marketing objectives determination
  • Web Analytics configuration
  • Keywords selection. Negative keywords definition Search ad campaign setup
  • Ad campaigns for Remarketing
  • Ad campaign in the GDN (if necessary)
  • A/B testing
  • Ad campaigns optimization
  • Reports
  • Read more
700-800 $ (USD) per month
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Facebook and Instagram Ads

  • Your business and website analysis
  • Marketing objectives determination
  • Facebook/Instagram profile creation for your business (if you do not have one already)
  • Facebook Pixel creation
  • Web Analytics configuration
  • Ad campaigns setup
  • Texts and banners
  • Retargeting setup
  • A/B testing
  • Ad campaigns optimization
  • Reports
  • Read more
700-800 $ (USD) per month
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LinkedIn Ads

  • Your business and website analysis
  • Marketing objectives determination
  • Web Analytics configuration
  • Ad campaigns setup
  • Texts and banners
  • Remarketing setup
  • A/B testing
  • Ad campaigns optimization
  • Reports
  • Read more
600-700 $ (USD) per month
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You can get a discount
For example, when ordering advertising on Google and Facebook, you get a 20% discount.
Or you can order another set of services and also get a discount.

We will discuss it when contacting you.
Act and get the benefits!
To get a discount, order several services at the same time.
Targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram
Targeted advertising in social networks is a universal tool for attracting your target audience, which contributes to increased sales, brand awareness, and creates a demand for a new product or service.

Today, Facebook and Instagram have many opportunities for your business! It is only necessary to use them effectively.

We set up turnkey advertising campaigns, that is, we prepare banners and write texts, test various target audiences and types of ads, optimize campaigns and set up analytics.
Google Advertising + Video Ads on YouTube
Google search advertising is one of the most effective internet marketing tools. After all, you show ads directly to those who are already looking for your products or services.

Google Display Network - banner or text ads on Google's partner sites. Remarketing - showing ads to those who have previously visited your site.

Gmail ads are interactive ads that appear at the top of the Promotions folder.

YouTube has been ranked as second most visited website in the world for several years in a row. Its audience includes more than a billion people, which makes YouTube an attractive platform for advertising.
LinkedIn Advertising

The main advantage of LinkedIn advertising is a high-quality audience. Thanks to properly configured targeting, even a very narrow target audience will know about your product. At the same time, advertising on LinkedIn is not cheap.

For a long time, LinkedIn's ads manager was quite primitive compared to others, but since the middle of 2018 it has been constantly improved: new ad formats have appeared, additional targeting options have been added and so on. Experts predict that in 2019 LinkedIn's advertising opportunities will not yield to Facebook.

If you work in the B2B industry, are looking for partners or investors, then we recommend advertising on LinkedIn as an effective promotion channel.
We charge a fixed fee per project regardless of the type of product we work with. This is because the quantity of time and effort we apply does not vary much depending on product. If our prices are too high for you, there is not much we can do about it, unfortunately.

Some agencies charge a percentage from the advertising budget. Thus, to earn more, they increase the budget. This is not how we work.

Real life story. We have a client, who used to spend $1000 on advertising per month working with other agency.

With us, he gets the same result with only $300 of advertising investment. We just made the targeting more precise.
The first month of work is a trial period: we test advertisements, texts, banners and audiences. During this time you will already see the first results and we will bring new customers to you.

Depending on the business and product, the timing of the first results will be different. Maybe customers will come on the first day, or we might have to wait for a week or two. But be sure, we are always doing our best to make your profit grow as early as possible. We have enough knowledge, experience and tools for this.

Everything is simple here. For different projects, the time to decide on a purchase is different, and accordingly, the time we might wait for results will vary. Real estate market timing is different from FMCG, for example. And this is very normal.
How we work

You leave a query

We contact you to discuss the project and ask questions (briefing)

You make a prepayment (50%)

We set up your ad campaign

New customers come to you from our ads

You make the second payment at the end of the month

Managers and business owners who become our clients do not spend money — they invest in marketing. We respect them for this and do our utmost to make these investments profitable.

Let's discuss the project, set goals, and start attracting customers to your business.
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We do not work with:
There are 4 types of clients we do not work with:
Certain topics
Casinos, Forex, lotteries, pawnshops, magicians, healers, Chinese replica products, political and religious organizations
Clients who need everything ASAP before we even started
Clients who announce tenders for agencies
Online stores with a big amount of products
LeadGen Founders
Bohdan Voloshyn

Certified Google Ads specialist in:

  • display advertising;
  • search advertising;
  • YouTube video ads.

Google Analytics certified specialist.

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and LinkedIn

Julia Protashchik

Targeting specialist in:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • LinkedIn.

SMM specialist.

Find me on Facebook

and LinkedIn

We are constantly learning, professionally growing and mastering new skills
Thus, giving our clients the opportunity to work with professionals who are always on the cutting edge of trends and innovation in the online marketing world
Activities that we recently visited:
+ Digital Marketer HQ Course
+ DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson
+ «Facebook & Instagram advertising 2.0. PRO» by Median Ads Agency
+ PPC Pro course by WebPromoExperts
+ Video advertising course by AIR
+ Robert Kraven's workshop (Google Partner Academy)
+ Vache Davtian's workshop (Google Partner Academy)
+ SMM Workshop by Setters
+ Video People
SUP (UUE) Forum Day 2018 and many others.
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Let's get down to work: we will sign the agreement, set up the advertising campaign and bring new customers to you.

We are ready to start today!

Just fill in the form and we will contact you.
Do you guarantee desirable results? Will our advertising costs pay off?
Your sales depend on several factors: the quality of the traffic that goes to the site, the conversion of the site, the competitiveness of your product or service on the market, the work of the sales managers. Note that the full list is not limited to these factors.

We are responsible for the quality of traffic. We commit ourselves to leading precisely targeted traffic to your site. We evaluate and enhance it to show ads only to those who are more likely to make an order.

Before launching the ads, we review your website and suggest optimization tips. Being experts in our field, we value our reputation, so we always make every effort to maximize results.

In some cases (for example, when a customer makes a quick decision to order your product or service), we can agree on a 14-day test period of cooperation.
Who writes texts and makes banners?
We write texts of advertisements, and then we approve them with you.

Regarding banners, there are 2 options:

1) For Facebook & Instagram: our designer creates banners, we approve them with you.

For Google Ads: we create our own banners with the free Google AdSense Designer.

2) You provide banners (for online stores with many goods - mandatory).
Will we have access to our advertising accounts?
Yes, you have constant access to your account. You have the administrator rights for your account, so you can review promotional campaigns at any time. You also make all the payments for advertising through your account.
What is the estimated budget for an ad campaign?
The advertising budget depends on your business: the product/service; quantity of products/services; the market where you work; audiences etc. For some businesses it takes $100 to cover all target audience, while for others — this is the price for 10 clicks. The average budget also depends on the geo market you work in — rates in Ukraine will be significantly lower than in Europe or the USA.

For example, the average cost per click on Facebook & Instagram (for the transition to your site) in Ukraine is $0.1-0.15 while a LinkedIn click will cost you at least $2.

We will calculate the approximate budget, but only testing will show the real situation. Recommended starting budget is $300.
Which countries can you launch ads in?
We can launch ads in all countries where Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn exist. We fluently speak Ukrainian, Russian and English.

If, for example, you need an advertising campaign for a French speaking audience, then you will need to provide the ad text in French (we'll give you necessary recommendations for it or even a draft).
What does your service fee cover?
Below you can find the list of what you pay for when ordering our service of advertising on Facebook & Instagram:

• Business and website analysis: optimization tips, online marketing strategy development;
• Defining the goals of the advertising campaign;
• Creating a profile of your business on Facebook (if you don't have one): Creating the product/brand profile that you can promote;
• Creating Facebook Pixel — the code that allows you to track visitors on your site, and then set up retargeting (ads for people who already visited your site);
• Web Analytics Setup: Google Analytics setup for better understanding of your business and tracking visitor activity on the site;
• Ad campaign settings: creating banners and writing ad texts;
• Retargeting of site visitors: an advertising campaign for users who have already been on the site;
• A/B ad testing to select banners and texts, which are the most appealing to your target audience;
• Optimizing ad campaigns: for example, changing targeting (interests, gender, age, etc.);
• Weekly report.

The cost of our services does not include an advertising budget.
Digital Agency LeadGen
Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, 13 Vyshniakivska st
Please contact us via Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber or Messenger (our professional girls are in a safe place abroad, so you can be sure that we’ll take care of all your requests and help launch your business).
Tel./WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber: +380501319387
E-mail: jp@leadgen.in.ua
We work with legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and individuals, cash and cashless payments
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